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Sunday School

Sunday School meets every week at 9:30 AM during the school year.

If you have any questions, please contact Christian Education Director Mindy Bilhorn at

Children/Youth Sunday School

Pre-K through middle school school classes will be starting a new curriculum, The Gospel Project by Lifeway, which will walk students chronologically through the central narratives that propel the salvation story from Genesis to Revelation.


Each class will progress through the Bible at the same pace, and all the classes will learn about the same biblical passages the same week. For families with kids in more than one classroom, this will help create great opportunities for discussion during the week. Watch for discussion-starters to come home!


Nursery ages 0-2: Lower Level--Nursery


Preschool ages 3-5: Lower Level--Blue Room


  • Taught by: Jennifer Blum, Sharee Witt, with Lori Johnson


Kindergarten-Grade 2: Lower Level--Yellow Room


  • Taught by: Donna Buschmann, Elizabeth Fjelstad, Kim Kindschi


Grades 3-5: Lower Level--Green Room


  • Taught by: Madeline Gillham, Rhonda Marsden


Grades 6-8: Lower Level--Teal Room


  • Taught by: Opala Bilhorn, Anna Bilhorn, Jeremy Bilhorn


High School: Lower Level--Youth Room

  • Taught by Toni Flood with Jammie and Richard Fisher

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