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Missionary Forms

annual Missionary Report

The Fulton Church Mission’s Board has decided to begin the practice of sending out an Annual Missionary Report, to be completed by each Mission supported by Fulton Church.  Enclosed you will find the document we have recently adopted for you to fill out and return.

We hope this will be a real asset to you and to us, in clarifying and communicating goals, strengths and struggles, so that we can pray and encourage as partners with you.

If you are already filling out a report for your Sending Agency or another church, we would be glad to receive a copy of that report instead, if that saves you time and repetition. If there are areas in our Annual Report that are not asked in the one you are sending, please do address our questions in those areas. 


May the Lord bless you and the ministry you are called to, and our partnership with you.  

-Fulton Mission Board

Annual Missionary Report
A "Co-missionary" has committed to serve you and Fulton Church by facilitating additional communication between you and our church.  Feel free to contact them at any time with news, needs and prayer concerns. 
Is there another local WI contact person that you would like us to know about that could also help with this? 

Missionary application

Fulton Church is dedicated to supporting God's work around the world.  At this time though Fulton Church is not accepting further applications for financial support.  Please check back later as our budgetary commitments can change. 
May God bless your work for His Kingdom.

This form is intended for persons entering long-term ministry. Once this form is submitted it is

reviewed by the Fulton Church Mission Board. During the review process we work to determine

if the ministry that you will be working with matches up with Fulton Church’s mission, strategic

priorities and other selected criteria.

As funds are available, Fulton offers various types of support. We may offer funds for long term

monthly support or a one-time gift for a special need. Special needs are considered on a case by

case basis. We may allow missionaries to present their ministry to the congregation and

request support from individuals even if we do not offer Church funds.

Please feel free to contact us with questions about the process.

Missionary Application
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