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Interested in becoming a member of the Church Council? 

Please read and fill out the following documents: 

Church Council:

  1. Church Council:

    1. i)  Is made up of Fulton Church members who are elected by the Fulton Church

      membership through an open process to a two-year term.

    2. ii)  Shall consist of 8 members, 4 men and 4 women.

    3. iii)  Is a self-governed body for conducting its internal business and structure.

    4. iv)  Shall select officers as they deem necessary. At minimum, there shall be a

      president (commonly known as chair) and secretary.

    5. v)  Shall act as the legal officers and final authority of Fulton Church, and as such,

      shall be empowered to do all things necessary or convenient for the orderly and efficient administration of the affairs and the business of Fulton Church, under the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit within the framework of this constitution and its intent.


  1. vi)  Is responsible for the vision and strategies for Fulton Church aligned with the values and objectives of scripture, taking into consideration the desires of the membership, as well as the needs of our membership, surrounding communities, and our world.

  2. vii)  Oversees the process of calling, hiring, performance evaluation, and dismissal of Pastoral Staff Team members.

  3. viii)  Partners with the Pastoral Staff Team, and current Ministry Team members, in the selection and transition of Ministry Team leaders.

  4. ix)  Partners with the Pastoral Staff Team, to oversee, encourage, and support the Ministry Teams and ensure alignment with Fulton Church’s values, purposes, vision and strategies set forth.

  5. x)  Shall oversee any issues of discipline and reconciliation among Fulton Church congregants.

  6. xi)  Will meet, as needed, in partnership with the Pastoral Staff Team, with members of the Congregation to provide encouragement and biblical guidance.

  7. xii)  Will call, schedule and conduct all regular, scheduled and special congregational business meetings.

  8. xiii)  Will, in partnership with the Pastoral Staff Team, approve and support a proposed annual budget, drafted by the Finance Ministry Team, prior to congregational vote/approval.

  9. xiv)  Will partner with the Finance Ministry Team, to oversee the collection, use and distribution of Fulton Church’s finances in an ethical and transparent fashion according to scripture and the laws of the state.

Members of the Church Council


Becky Fjelstad


Josh Bilhorn



Amy Delzer

Mark Mathews


Brian Swanson

Annette Mathews


Dave Choate

Jennifer Rowntree

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