Sunday School

We have excellent teachers who love God’s Word, love people and love sharing what the Lord is teaching them.  Sunday School is at 9:30 am. 

You’re invited to join us for the following opportunities:

Christianity and Worldviews

Do you know what you believe and why you believe it? “Why should anyone believe anything at all?” “It may be truth to you but I have my own truth.” “How can a person really know what is true?”  “Aren’t all religions basically the same?”

These are just a few questions we as Christians must wrestle with as we live in a world that rejects the Jesus of the Bible. When we are told Christianity is true, does that mean every other religion is false? What we believe about Jesus will affect every other life decision.  Why do Christians interpret what happens in the world differently than people of other religions or atheists? We will look at nine different belief systems that people use to make life decisions and then compare them to Christianity. The worldviews we will discuss are Theism; Deism; Naturalism; Nihilism; Existentialism; New Age or spirituality without religion; Postmodernism; Islam.  Join us in the Orange Room in the lower level.

Textbooks used with my Curriculum will be:

Sire, James W. The Universe Next Door, Fifth Edition. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2009.

Geisler, Norman. Christian Apologetics. Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1976.



This course is taught by Dave Flood.  Dave has been running the Edgerton Teen Center since 1993.  The Center is his full-time ministry.  You can reach him at (608) 751-6101 or, or follow him on Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook.

Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of Mark

Are you new to Christianity and would like to know more of what the Bible actually has to say about Jesus?   Have you been a Christ Follower for some time, but perhaps your faith feels a little dry?  During the 2019-2020 Sunday School year, Josh Bilhorn and Morgan Teale will be co-teaching an inductive study on the Gospel of Mark where you will have a chance to interact with the Jesus of the Bible.  The Gospel of Mark is the shortest of the gospels, and is likely our earliest account of the life of Christ.  This class will be designed to bless both those very new to Bible study, as well as those who are more experienced.  Past attendees of this class on the Gospel of Mark have expressed that it helped them to deeply connect to the person of Jesus, as well as introduce them to the wonderful discipline of Bible study.  We will meet in the Sunday School room in the basement across the hallway from the Youth/Teen Room.

Proposed Curriculum:  Intervarsity USA’s standard Inductive Mark Study – adapted to 50 minute sessions

Assistant:  Morgen Teale will be my “co-teacher” this year.  I will teach 2/3rds of the class, and she will teach 1/3 – using my notes.



Josh Bilhorn will be co-teaching this course.  Josh has 20+ years experience with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and has taught the Inductive Bible Study method to hundreds of college students.  Be prepared to not only learn how to read and study more deeply, but be prepared to have some fun as you study this gospel in community with others.  You can reach him at or (608) 745-7981.

More updates to come